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Shenxi machinery Co., Ltd, established in 1988, is one of the domestic leaders in the high access equipment industrial. We are dedicates to designing and manufacturing a wide range of suspended access equipment, such as suspended platform, mast climbing work platform, construction hoist and loading platform etc. 

Our products are widely used for facade clearing and decoration, curtain wall installation and maintenance, elevator installation, wind power plant, bridge, dam and shipping, chimney power plant and so on.


International Certification

Shenxi Machinery, due to the high quality of our suspended platforms and the commitment of our employees, we have managed to obtain various certificates that can assure customers that they are cooperating with leading manufacturers in the industry.

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our products

Suspended Platform

ZLP temporarily installed suspended access platform is an electric climbing type decoration machine, which is mainly applied to the external wall construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance of high-rise and multi-storey buildings. It can also be applied to elevator installation, large tanks, bridges, dams and other engineering operations. ZLP series suspended platform has options on steel and aluminum alloy material on its platform. 

Long Lasting Lifetime: 20+ years
Shenxi Products are more durable than other brands.

Model: ZLP350, ZLP500, ZLP630, ZLP800, ZLP1000

Construction Elevator

Rack and pinion construction elevator consists by base frame, mast, tie in system, cage, anti-fall safety device, cable trolley, enclosure and driving system. 

Construction hoist is designed to transport workers and materials to the required heights. It is an indispensable piece of vertical transportation equipment for the construction of high rise industrial and civil buildings, large bridges, cooling towers, vertical shafts, etc. In addition, the construction hoist can also be used as the permanent or semi-permanent lifting equipment in warehouse, docks, power plants, and other places. 

Model: SC200, SC200/200

Retractable Loading Platform

Loading platform is used to transfer cargo and materials to upper floors during the floor construction of high-rise buildings by tower crane.

Loading deck is used to transfer cargo and materials to upper floors during the floor construction of high-rise buildings. It is fast and easy to assemble, safe and flexible to use, suitable for the buildings under tower crane construction, therefore it is an indispensable material-transferring equipment for modern high-rise buildings' construction.

Crane loading platforms have four types: SLD2200-L, SLD2200-H, SLD3200 and SLD4200 and allowable maximum load capacity for uniform distribution load is 5000kg. 

Mast climbing Work Platform

Mast climber can be used fast and flexibly due to their efficient modular design. SHENXI has extensive technical and production experience on the mast climbing platform. 

In 2014, we won large order for 300 sets of mast climbing platforms, and the prompt delivery time and quality assurance not only gained great praise from customers, but also caused a sensation in the high-altitude industry.

Model: STC100-Single/STC100-Double mast

How to install machinery

  • Suspended platform installation
  • Construction elevator installation
  • Mast climbing work platform project
  • Loading platform installation

Our advantages

30+ Years

Our company established in 1988, has 33 years’ experience on producing construction suspended platform in China. Now Shenxi has become one of top suspended platform manufacturers in the world.

20000+ Sets 

Our yearly production capacity of high access equipment reaches 20000 sets.

53000+ ㎡ 

The factory covers an area of 53000 square meter.

80+ Countries 

Our experienced sales term has set up 30 offices and branches in China to service more than 80 countries and regions. Our products have good reputation in Mid-east, Russia, Ukraine, Philippine, Vietnam, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Argentina.

1000+ Tests 

Our suspended platform safety device LSB30 safety lock has passed 1000 times fall prevention test, far beyond peer average.

20+ Lifetime

Our products are more durable than other brands, products' lifetime is more than 20 years.

our projects

300m Gran Torre Costanera Building
610m Guangzhou TV Tower
828m Height Building in the World--Burj Dubai
Beijing New CCTV Building
Expo China Pavilion
Hongfeng Lake Highway Bridge in Guiyang
Oriental Arc in Suzhou
Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort
Construction Hoist
Loading Platform
Mast Climbing Work Platform
Suspended Platform

Our Application

  • BMU for Window Cleaning
  • Guohua Shanwei Wind Power Plant
  • High Building Facade
  • Suspended Platform for Bridge Building
  • Suspended Platform for Dam Builduing
  • Suspended Platform for Elevator Installation
  • Suspended Platform for Shipping
  • Suspended Platfporm Designed for Electric Plant

Pre-Sales Service

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After-Sales Service

At Shenxi, we clearly realize that quality is the life of a company. In order to provide better suspended access equipment, we employ experienced technicians, import advanced equipment and implement strict quality control. With 30+ years experience of manufacture suspended platform and our safety lock has passed 300 times anti-fall test, which is much more than industry average level. We have installation video for all products, you could easy to find in our website or youtube on how to install suspended platform, mast climbing working platform and construction hoist and loading platform. Professional foreign trade team with an average overseas sales experience of more than 8 years.We now have over 30 Shenxi offices and branches which serve over 80 countries and regions around the world.

Customer Feedback

  • It Is Difficult To Reach The Top, But The Most Difficult Is Staying In The Top.

    Mahmoud Aljayyousi in Ajman
  • I Am Very Satisfied With The Attention, The Service And The Products That Factory Giving Since 2006. I Had A Big Advantage Against Other Companies That They Give Answer Very Fast.

    Rodrigo in Chile
  • We Did’t Experience Any Problems With Quality Of Products, It Complied With High Standards Of Quality And Safety.

    Valary in Ukraine
  • I Knew Shenxi Since Last 10 Years Ago, The Reasons That I Trust Shenxi Is Good Product, Good Customer Support And Good After-Sales Service.

    Siriwat in Thailand

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